Wednesday, September 15, 2010


What are some popular idioms that your family uses at home? In other words, is there a particular idiom that your parents says a lot?


Anonymous said...

"I think your eyes are biggger than your stomach."

Sarah said...

My parent mostly tell to get that crap off your face reffering to makeup.. i think thats an idiom ?(:

Dominic Smith from your period 5 said...

My parents would usually use the idiom is that money doesnt grow from trees.

Anonymous said...

an idiom my mom likes toI say a lot is "why the cats away the mouse will play"

Jessica Murillo said...

Jessica Murillo
period 1
Some idioms that my parents say are:
hold your hores
cats got your tongue
its raining cats and dogs
curiousity killed the cat
a taste of your medicine
what goes around come around
a piece of cake
beating around the bush

suzy srapyan said...

I use run like the wind. and sometimes hold your horses, it depends on what the subject that we are talking about. I sometimes would say your eyes look brighter than the moon. or something like that.:).

Brennen said...

The popular idioms my family uses.... 1. Catch a cold. And thats about it for them but for my little brother its im so hungry I can eat a horse!

Liseth Reynoso said...

The popular idioms my parents usualy say wen i ask what time is it.They say time to get a watch.They also say; wen i ask who there talking to. They say bloody Mary in spanish.

Anonymous said...

Some of the idioms my family uses are time flies and its raining cats and dogs. We don't use that many...

Cecilia Alvarez said...

My mom usually Calls me a "back seat driver", i also hear: once in a "blue moon", "heads over heels", "hold your horses", "cry your eyes out", and "dog-eat-dog"

Anonymous said...

Cynthia Hernandez-Flores
My parents you the idiom born yesterday and hold your horses a lot. They use it for when their scollding me or if they are just talking in general.

calvin said...

Those flees don't jump on my matres
(that when someone who wants to be with you and you don't like them)

EMILY said...

My mom always uses the idiom hold your horses because we are always on top of her. She also uses the idiom lend me a hand when we our out shopping.

Kevin Woods said...

Hey Mr. Moon its Kevin Woods. Um my family doest really say alot of idioms but when i am rushing my grandma she always tells me to "hold my houres". My sisture allways tells me my homework is a "piece of cake" but yet when i ask her for help she says i dont know. Finally my mom tells me im "getting on her last nurves" witch im really not it just means im pissing her off r bugging her.

Anonymous said...

Some idoms my family tells me is "dont rock the boat" (stay out of truoble). Another one is to "keep an eye out" (look out)beacause you never know what can happen at schoool.

This is Megan Kasumyan from your Period 5 class.

Anonymous said...

bryan gotelip
better than one bird in your hand then two flying away

Edith Patatanyan said...

One idiom that my mom always says is "chow down" which means to eat but she says in in Armenian

nicolette said...

Some idioms that my family uses at home are:
-catch a cold
-piece of cake
-hold your horses
-born yesterday
-all ears
-make up your mind
-cut it out
-for ages
-grab a bite
But the most popular idiom that we use is peice of cake.

This is Nicolette G. from your period 5 class

Anonymous said...

im my house my mom or dad actually dont use idioms but if they did they would probably say to me and my younger sister "you girls must fell like your in hot water" when i was in trouble.
-this is maiela rodriguez
from your 6th period class(:

Alis said...

My family uses time flys ALOT ! And sometimes be a pretty face , its raining cats and dogs , i feel on top of the world , a dime a dozen , a piece of cake , break a leg , and on the same page . (:

It's Alis Torosyan from your period 6 !!!

Anonymous said...

my parents dont really use many idioms so i am just going to saw no my parents dont have a particular idiom that they use a lot!!!

christopher said...

Some idioms that my parents say are "I wasn't born yeaterday" when I explain something to them. Another one is when I do something wrong, my mom says "Your in hot water". The last one my parents say is "Don't spill the beans". They always tell me this when my cousins ask me what there birthday gift is.

Anonymous said...

my parents dont really use many idioms so i am just gotting to have to saw no there is particlar idoim that they use a lot!!!

Daniela Gonzalez from 6 period:)

Christina said...

Some popular idioms we use at home are piece of cake, break a leg, and its raining cats and dogs. The most popular one we use is piece of cake. :)

- Christina Kirkorian

Jesus said...

Mr. Moon, that's a tough one. My parents don't speak English. My Mom doesn't speak English at all, and my Dad is barely understanding the basics of English. However, they do use some in Spanish, and I'm willing to translate. Okay, let's pretend I said, "I want to dye my hair blue." My Mom would say, "Esta's afuera de tu mente." Which, in English, means, "You're out of your mind." Of course, I'm not literally outside of my mind.

Jesus Hernandez - 5th period

mark said...

Mark Salazar per. 4

Its raining cats and dogs.
I'm so Hungary I can eat a horse.
How are you going to be a doctor,if you don't have any patients.
Get over it.

dah-hon said...


Most of the time my parents say whenever I won't go to sleep is,"augustin, it's time to hit the sack."or in performances,"go and break a leg." however more in particular," augustin if you don't stop your horseplay, you will be in hot water."

Anonymous said...

Some idioms that my family uese are:'catch a cold' wich means gettiung sick. Or 'see eye to eye' wich mean to agree or to be on the same page as someone else. Another one is 'born yesturday' wich means not stupid; or 'spill the beans' wich means talk or tell me evrything.

rocael said...

my family doesnt usually use idioms. The only one I have heard my aunt use is "kill two birds with one stone" and on rare ocasions "giving the cold shoulder"
-Rocael Per.4

Anonymous said...

1. you are slow as a turtle
Sinai Santos

johnny13washington1 said...

Blog#2 Idioms Johnny-Washington
Some idioms that My family uses is Im gona jump in the shower which mean going to take a quick shower.

landlover24 said...

My mom says "I have to go powder my nose." a lot which means go to the bathroom.

-Danielle Bugayong period 1

Nicole Hernandez said...

Yes, my parents say hold your horses, driving me bananas,spilled the beans,under the weather, and catch a cold.

Antonio Reed said...

My mom uses the idiom "Its all Greek to me" beacouse if it is hard to understand. And my dad says "Get your head in the game" if i am dozing off or not doing something right.

Gabriel Genson said...

Gabriel Genson
Period 1 English

My parents like to use the idiom, Quit Horsing Around because i like joke-around very often.

Anonymous said...

Catch a cold
cut the cheese
lend me your ears
piece of cake
easy as pie
are you nuts?
Out of this world

(This is from Danny Nguyen from per.5)

hernandez.andrew10 said...

my parents , well mostly my mom say " im so hungry i could eat an elephant "
-Andrew Hernandez Per. 1

andy said...

cat got your tongue

Anonymous said...

A blessing in disguise. A dime a Dozen. A piece of cake. By Arthur Chernis

Kaitlyn Martin said...

My parents usually saay all thee time . " Holdd your horsess " & " Money doesn't grow on trees kaatiee .

Whichh means there nott rich loll . Yeahh !

Anonymous said...


My mother usually says to me "An ear of clay, and an ear of dough" which usually means not to listen or not to care. PR.1

rooster101 said...

joey tscherne

my parents most likely say you drive me bananas or drive me nuts.

lovinglylovinglove said...

1. Alexis Zunigo
The popular idiom that my parents use alot is I wasn'nt born yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Jasmin baez

my mom would say that u guys fight like cats and dogs

Anonymous said...

hold your Horses
lets hit the road
catch a cold
going bananas
beside his/herself
get this show on the road
between a rock and a hard place
Maia Inniss per. 5

Anonymous said...

Chase Falk,
Sometimes my mom will say "put that motor on tha pencil" which means write fast. And for my sister since she is in acting my mom will say "go break a leg" which means do a good job. Sometimes my mom will say "get up you couch potato" which means get up and stop watching tv. One more thing she says is that "if theres a will theres a way" which means if you really want somthing then you can achieve it.
Your student Chase Falk

nicoleiscool11 said...

Nicole Whitmore
My Grandma usually uses the Word Break a Leg ..
My mom uses Catch a cold
And mom says I wasn't born yesterday Lol

Mary Krikorian said...

Krikorian, Mary
Well my parents and even me and my brother use "i wasnt born yesterday a lot in the house.
We also use "caught a cold" when one of us get sick.
And my dad uses "hit the road" as in leaving

Brianna said...

Thats the way the ball bounces
Hold your horses
Thats the way the cookie crumbles

Anonymous said...

Never grab a bull by the horns.

Sergio Ramirez
Period 6

Adam said...

my parents use hold your horses when we are telling them to hurry up.

Anonymous said...

Well there are a lot of idioms that my parents say my dad says hold your horses sometimes wen i want to rush through things he doesn't say that a lot but on occasion he does, other than that some of the other idioms my family says is to hard to explain.


Anonymous said...

Christopher Medina Period 1
My parents idioms would be... My Mom's: Don't open a can of worms & My Dads's: You're too big for your britches. :)

Anonymous said...

Some of these popular idioms my family uses would be the following listed: Its a piece of cake, Actions speak louder then words, Cross your fingers, Get over it, Knock on wood, and The third time is a charm. But, the most common one my family says is Cross your fingers.

By: Irene Rivera Period 5

Louis Huanosta said...

1. i wasnt born yesterday
2. raining cats and dogs
3. adding fuel to the flame
4. cat got your tongue

Anonymous said...

Some examples of idioms that are used in my home are:
- Time flies when your having fun.
- A piece of cake
- Cry me a river.
My parents sometimes use the phrases:
-Hold your horses or your in deep water
This is Julia Wilinski from your period 5 class.

remik said...

They don't use them. By: Daniel Avalos

Jason said...

Jason Sarmiento
English,period 1
The popular Idioms my parents use are "malakas ang loob" and "mababa ang loob".The words are in filipino.In tagalog malakas ang loob literally strong willed and the meaning is a brave person.In tagalog mababa ang loob literally low hearted and the meaning is merciful person.In tagalog nagbibilang ng poste literally counting post the meaning someone who is jobless.In tagalog mainit ang ulo literally hot-headed meaning in a bad mood.

Anonymous said...

My parents always say hold your horses whenever I talk too fast or i do anything to fast actually.

this is richard gonzalez from your 5th period

Anonymous said...

An idiom that my parents use a lot is "catch a cold" for example "Christian! wear a jacket or you'll catch a cold!"

This is Christian Marroquin from your 5th Period English Class.

alvinlurye said...

I wasn't born yesterday

Anonymous said...

My parents use the idion im not stupid i wasn't born yesterday.

My name is Melissa Gonzalez i am in your oeriod 6 class.

alvinlurye said...

I wasn't born yesterday

jackiee_lozza said...

An idiom that my mom uses alot in spanish is " Te voy Revocar A Cashetadas "
in englah it doeesnt reallly sound the same .
Which in english it means "ima slap you " .
My grandma says that too.
i think that were she qot in from .
My mom tells my brother and i that when were doinq something bad , i think its just something to scrae us because she never does it .

So that is one of our family idioms it runs through the family !(:

Anonymous said...

Tara DeBlasio:
My mom ALWAYS says "eye candy" and pretty much my whole family says "you got your pannies in a bunch?"

Anonymous said...

when im at home my mom and dad if there hungry they say im so hungry i can eat a horse or when my little sister is crying my mom says i dont care care cry your eyes out if you want to.

colleen williams,period 6

German Becerra said...

In my family the most used idiom is spill the beans.

krystianne garcia said...

well the idiom that is most used in my family is..... hold your horses

Robert Wood said...

Who cut the cheese!!!!!

Robert Wood

AnA S ChAvEz said...

Hey Mr.Moon its me Ana Chavez.The idioms most commonly used in my family is "hit the hay" also "think outside the box".My dad says "hit the hay"when he wamts me to go to sleep.He says "think outside the box"to make me think harder.

Joses Galdamez said...

Joses Galdamez period 5
One idiom my parents say are cats and dogs, pretty much every time it rains. they leared it from my sister and they didnt know what it meant, until i showed them what idioms are.

JordanO said...

ordonez, Jordan
Mt parents use (no te me esponges) wich means dont get mad as a spanish idiom.

tiara said...

its hot like fried chicken(my mom says this the most)
crazy as a monkey
off the wall

Anonymous said...

Some idioms that my family use are 'caught red handed' which means caught getting in trouble or busted. Another one is 'keep an eye out' which mean look out. Also 'Break a leg' which means good luck.

This is Lilit Balian from your period 5 class.

Anonymous said...

A frequently used idiom my parents uses is:
"piece of cake" and "cat got your tongue?"

Darien from 5th period

Guadalupe Arias said...

When my dad is really hungry he says "I could really eat a cow right now."

Anonymous said...

Sebastian Mejia, Per.4
An idiom that my mother uses quite often is "Old as dirt". She usually says it when she's talking about old politicians. If it meant what it sounded like, it wouldn't make sense because dirt is older than everyone. It just means very old.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr. moon its me Alex Escobar, what happens if my family doesn't say idioms

Anonymous said...

Hey it's Arriana Contreras an idiom my mom and dad use alot is hold your horses!:)

MCWilliams597 said...

Most of the idioms that my from use is keeping up with the jonses, Break a leg and curiosity killed the cat, don't judge a book by its cover, and cut the cheese. That is all the idioms we usually use.

Anonymous said...

my dad says "i wasen't born yesterday" Alot!! and some times my mom says "I dont poop out money"
Mr moon its nicholas maldonado from period 6

Anonymous said...

my parents speak spanish so they dont say idioms but one hat my cousin and i say to each other is talk to the hand

Joshua said...

My mom is the more careful parent at driving, always goes at the speed limit, always complete stops, doesn't follow the american rules of YELLOW MEANS GO FASTER and always slows down when she sees the yellow light. My dad is the exact opposite. If all the cars on the freeway are going 80 when its 65, he goes 80. He occasionally makes complete stops, and like most people sped up when they see yellow. So when my dad does this and my moms passenger she tries to correct him and we all end up calling her a back seat driver

anthony said...

Sometimes my dad/mom will say stop running like a chicken with your head cut off.That is the only one I can recall.

Anonymous said...

My parents say "breake a Leg For Me'' or They Will Say Take a hike and drop dead.

From your Student Brooke Veneziano for your 6 period.

Nicole Petrosian said...

Idioms that my parents will say is.....
1. wasn't born yesterday
2. hold your horses
3. cat has your tongue
4. let's hit the road after your done
5. piece of cake.

Anonymous said...

My family always says to reach for the stars.

Anonymous said...

Bustamante, Guadalupe
Well my parents dont but my uncles are "you think i was born yesterday" and "did you cut the cheese" and my favorite one is "im going bananas.
My name is Guadalupe Bustamante im in your per6

Cristian Sanz said...

My family uses a penny saved is a penny earned a lot

Anonymous said...

Talk to the hand

Melissa Castro
Period 6th

jose sanchez said...

My parents always say break a leg whenever my little sister performs at events. They have been saying this ever since my brother was small and i don't know why. The first time they said this 2 me i thought they really wanted me 2 break a leg.

brittneynuno said...

My mom says Hold your horses alot ..
don't bite more than you can chew
Then my Dad says better late then never !
Brittney Nuno period 5

Alex Torres said...

yes there is butt theres only one and its "jeez dont bite my head off". my family uses that one alot because we all get mad at each other and exaggerate.

Darise said...

The idiom that my family uses alot would be ''backseat driver'' because my mom is always telling my dad and my brother what to do when they are driving.

Anonymous said...

"Dont open a can of worms"

Hazel, Per.5

Shawn said...

Shawn Begelfer

In my family both of my parents always use your going to catch a cold. they say this because they are always afraid that i might get sick.

Anonymous said...


.."Don't Count Your Chickens Before Their Hatched"....

juanito1 said...

they would say if i cant talk i got your tonge.

Anonymous said...

This is Andrea Tovar from per 5.
Idioms that my parents use a lot is hold your horses , don't spill the beans, & take a chill pill- wich means calm down relax .
These are mainly the ones my parents would say . Like mostly the popular we hear .

Anonymous said...

A common idiom that my father uses alot when it smells is , who cut the cheese.
A common one my mom uses is , your going bananas.
I happen to use , catch a cold when people or myself are sick.

Cassandra Gutierrez Period 6 class .

Anonymous said...

my mom doesnt use an idiom but my dad does he use woops i took a frooggy meaning is i took a fart thats my dads idiom
my name is anthony lopez

Anonymous said...

Hiram Arteaga
my family uses "ojo por ojo" alot which means eye for eye

Anonymous said...

This is joseph duran period 5

Populare idioms my parents urse are hold your horses,dont count your chickens before they hatch and of couse spill the beans.

Anonymous said...

The isiom that my parents say themost is probablywhy are you down in the dumps.

I am Javier Valerio from per.5 class

Anonymous said...


When my dad is going slow in the freeway and then gets alot of speed he says to hold your horses.

Anonymous said...

Slobodskiy, Dmitriy
Some idioms that my parents say are piece of cake, hold your horses and what comes around goes around. and thats it.

juanito1 said...

julio agin i found the idioms sorry.
1.eyes reach to the seling.
2. you are slow as the dog.
3. close your eyes and find your your head.

Brianna said...

Some of the idioms my family say are:
Hold your horses, that was a peice of cake, and thats the way the ball bounces.

TheNamesBerrrrr said...

1.Piece of cake
2.Chill Out
3.Raining cats and dogs
4.Money doesn't grow on trees
5.Curiosity killed the cat
-Amber Termunde

Anonymous said...

My mom always says that actions speak louder than words.
vanessa hernandez p.6

Anonymous said...

This is Chris Sandberg:
My mom usually says in jest "you lie like a rug" and "been there, done that". My dad usually says "no comments from the peanut gallery", and sometimes he says "gimme a second".