Monday, September 13, 2010


Answer the following:

1. Name
2. Siblings
3. Pets
4. Hobbies
5. Favorite Food
6. Favorite Book
7. Favorite Movie
8. Favorite Band/Singer/Rapper


Edith said...

1)Edith Patatanyan
2) 2 Brothers ages 7 and 16
3)I don't have any
4)Singing and Dancing
6)Do you know the monkey man? By Dori Hillestad Butler
7)Twilight Saga: Eclipse
8)Singer: Justin Bieber
Rapper: Eminem

Anonymous said...

1.Christian Marroquin
2. None
3. None
4. Listining to music, playing soccer, writing
5. Pizza
6. The Boy Who Dared
7. Advent Children Complete
8. Eminem

Anonymous said...

1. Coby (I don't put up my last name on the internet)
2. Two younger sisters, One named Tali, the other Alia. Tali just started sixth grade at frost
3. I have two blackbirds, one english starling, two crows, five tortoises, one Malaysian Box Turtle, two snails, one red eyed tetra, one zebra fish, one side blotched lizard, one alligator lizard, four rats, and one fat Blue Fronted Amazon Parrot. Whew.
4. My hobbies are reading, writing, graphics design/web design, and web development. My current project is a website. Here is the URL. It is currently in development and has little on it and has many bugs.
5. I like cheese. Thank you very much. (Sharp cheddar is my favorite.)
6. My favorite book is The Name Of This Book Is Secret by Pseudonymous Bosch. Real book. Look it up.
7. March of the Penguins is my favorite movie.
8. My favorite Band is Lady Antebellum. I like country, irish, classical, and similar genres of music. I hate rap. Sorry Mr. Moon.

krystianne garcia said...

1. Krystianne Garcia
2. 2 sisters 2 brothers
3.a dog and a fish
4.reading ,listening to music and
5.spaghetti w/ meatballs
6.Dollhouse murders
7.lovely bones
8.Kid Cudi

calvin said...

1. calvin lima
2. younger sister
3. parrot & goldfish
4. fishing
5. pizza
6. pendragon series
7. Back to the future3
8. metallica

ilovemygoldenboy said...

1. Cecilia Alvarez :)
2. One 5 year old sister
3. My dogs: Patrick & Molly
4. Horse back riding, music, art, and photography
5. Pork Chops!
6. Poison Apples
7. Edward Scissorhands
8. Green Day, Paramore, Never Shout Never, My Chemical Romance, Jonas Brothers, & Panic at the Disco!

Nicole Petrosian said...

1. My name is Nicole Petrosian.
2. I have one sibling which is an older brother.
3. The pets that i have at home is a dog and a fish.
4. Hobbies that i have are i like to dance and ski.
5. My favorite food would have to be sushi.
6. My favorite book is Because of Winn Dixie.
7. My favorite movie is 17 again.
8. My favorite singer is Katy Perry.

nicoleiscool11 said...

Nicole Whitmore.
Only half siblings (:
Don't have any !
Horse back riding ,swimming , playing piano And hanging out with friends
Steak (lol)
Horses & Ponies
The last Song (:
Just the way you are ..!
Thanks byee Mr.Moon (: !

Brennen said...

1) Brennen Smolyanitsky
2) Brother ''Ryan'' Age 9
3) Panther Chameleon
4) Mainly Basketball and Video Games
5) King Dork by Frank Portman
6) You Dont Mess With The Zohan
7) Outasight (Not Well Known Yet)

Sarah said...

1. Sarah Abelar
2. one brother
3. four cats, one dog, two tortoises, and one bird.
4. playing piano and texting
5. sushi
6. eclipse
7. the hangover and eclipse
8. Justin Bieber

Louis Huanosta said...

1. Louis Huanosta
2. three brothers and three sisters
3. two cats and a fish
4. paintballing and soccer
5. enchiladas
6. cat and the hat
7. titanic
8. Eminem

Dominic Smith from your period 5 said...

1. Dominic Smith
2. Two little sisters
3. One cat
4. Play four sports,tv,ipod,trampoline
5. BBQ Ribs
6. Johny Tremain
7. Step Brothers
8. Ludacris

Liseth Reynoso said...

1.Liseth Reynoso older sister 3.none 4.swimming 5.hambergur 6.Charlets Web 7.Ramona and Beezus 8.Selena Gomez

mark said...

1. Mark Salazar
2. 1 brother
3. No pets
4. Going to the beach and hanging out with my friends
5. Pizza
6. Green Eggs And Ham
7. Transformers 2
8. Rapper: DRAKE

Anonymous said...

1.Matthew Giron
3.three cats and three dogs games
5.enchiladas war 2
7.Black Hawk Down

EMILY said...

1. Emily Macias
2. 1 older brother(Chris),1 younger sister(Denisse)
3. none
4. playing/watching sports,dancing,listening to music,talking with friends, and watching movies
5. pupusas(salvadorian food)
6. Someone Like Summer
7. The Dark Night
9. Bruno Mars

Nicolette Golnazarian said...

1.- my name is Nicolette Krista Golnazarian
2.- I have one younger brother
3.- I have a pet fish
4.- some of my hobbies are dancing, playing tennis, and swimming
5.- my favorite food is sushi
6.- my favorite book is Fever 1793
7.- my favorite movie is Just my Luck
8.- my favorite singer is taylor swift

This is Nicolette Golnazarian from your period 5 English class.

Gabriel Genson said...

Gabriel Genson
One younger sister, Erica
One dog, Spot
I play Football and Baseball, I am the starting QB and SS
My favorite food is Prim Rib Steak
My favorite book is "My Personal Best" by John Wooden
My favorite movies are The Hangover, The Sandlot, and The Dark Knight
My favrite band is Duran Duran and U2

Anonymous said...

2. 2 sisters
3. 3 dogs
4. basketball and soccer
5. sushi
6. Premiere by Melody Carlson
7. Eclipse
8. Paramore

Anonymous said...

~ Kee-aira Shamburger
~ big Brother
~3dogs,4cats,1turtle,15/20 fish
~track and cheer
~ tacos
~ Eseranza Rising
~ katy perry,usher

tiara said...

1. Tiara Luper
2. 2-brother 17 sister 20
3. No Pets
4. Hambuger
5. Twilight
6. Scarface
7. DRAKE!!

Anonymous said...

1. Name: Alex Safarian
2. Siblings: Older sister
3. Pets: Yorkshire terrior
4. Hobbies: Games,Tv,Swim
5. Favorite Food: Fresh Pasta
6. Favorite Book: island of the blue dolphin
7. Favorite Movie: Ghost ship
8. Favorite Rapper:Drake hi this alex safarian from your 6th period class

Anonymous said...

name:bryan gotelip
siblings:sister named sasha
pets:two dogs carmel & poncho
hobbies:play baseball
Favorite Food: lasania
Favorite book: star wars force unleashed
Favorite movie: punisher
Favorite Band/Singer/Rapper: DJ Tiesto

Anonymous said...

1. Cristobal V. Caballero
2. One older brother
3. No pets... :(
4. Practicing skateboarding and reading
5. I love any meat well-done. I could never be a vegetarian
6. Rain of Gold
7. Beerfest
8. Bullet for My Valentine

Anonymous said...

1. Brooke Veneziano
2. 1 little brother
3. A Dog
4. I Play Soccer
5. Mexican tacos
6. Beacuse of Because Of Winn-Dixie
7. FreeDom Writers & Stand and Deliver
8. 2pac & Snoop dog
From Brooke Veneziano in your 6th period

Jesus said...

1. My name is Jesus Hernandez Jr.

2. I have 3 siblings altogether. 2 are older than me, 1 of them is younger than me. All of them are girls.

3. I have a variety of pets. All of them happen to be aquatic. Three goldfish, several tropical fish, a turtle and two shrimp.

4. I love playing the viola, I'm in the schools advanced strings program. I also love playing wheelchair basketball and wheelchair tennis. Also, reading, writing and using the computer.

5. My favorite food by far is actually more of a category. I love Chinese Fast Food. Especially at Panda Express. I also enjoy going to Starbucks and Jamba Juice.

6. My favorite book is... non-existent. I don't love just one book. I like all books! Although, if I had to narrow it down a bit, it would be the Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling, The Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket, and the Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer. Also, a rather new series by Heather Brewer. Its called The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod.

7. My favorite movie has got to be Despicable Me. Hahaha! Which is a great, funny movie!

8. My favorite band is either Paramore, Lincoln Park, or Green Day.

Okay. Just a reminder, my name is Jesus Hernandez Jr. I am in your 5th period.

hernandez.andrew10 said...

1. Andrew Hernandez
2. 1 sister , 1 brother
3. 3 dogs
4. skating , video games , football
5. fried chicken
6. Peter and The Starcatchers
7. The Hangover
8. Slipknot , Escape The Fate

joses galdamez said...

1.Joses Galdamez
2.Gennevie GAldamez
a.golden retriever chiuaua mix
c.white fured baby poodle
4.skatebaording, playing guitar and basketball
8.System of a down, nirvana, mettallica,slipknot, emenim, drake,and serj tankian

Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. Moon, It's Christopher Medina, just trying to get homework done faster :)

1. Full Name: Christopher Glen Medina
2. Siblings: I have a have sister who doesn't talk to us anymore from my dad's previous relationship
3. Pets: My dog died :(, His name was Gus.
4. Hobbies: I love making YouTube videos! :) and writing scripts
5. Favorite Food: Pasta
6. Books: It's weird but, The Twilight Saga
7. Movie: Panic Room With Jodie Foster
8. Music: Paramore, Sugarcult, & Leslie Feist

Anonymous said...

1. Rafael Ochoa
2. One little brother
3. 1 fish, 1 turtle, 2 birds
4. Listening to rap
5. Pizza, hamburger, vanilla ice cream, taco bell, & Chinese Food.
6. Book:Diary of a Wimpy Kid
7. Movie:Kick-Ass
8. Band:Kiss
Singer:Kid Kudi

My name is Rafael Ochoa from period 6.

nicolehernaandez said...

1.Nicole Hernandez
2.1 older sister named krsytal
3.1 dog named koda
6.The Outsiders
8.Katy Perry

TheNamesBerrrrr said...

1. Amber Termunde
2. Brother Torre age 18
3. Dog named Toto
4. Singing, Ice Skating, Listening To Music, Hanging With Friends
5. Lasana and BBQ Ribs
6. Green Eggs & Ham
7. Inception, Grown Ups, and Gran Torino
8. Kid Cudi, Lil Wayne, Eminem, Drake, and Lady Gaga

Anonymous said...

2.little sister
4.menudo(mexican food) long as were together, Judy Bulm
6.finding nemo any

Anonymous said...

1. Tara DeBlasio
2. One older sister, Kesli, in college
3. One dog and 2 gold fish
4. Boating, dirtbike Riding, and movie sets/shoots
5.CRAB and cream puffs
6.Kira-Kira or Wait till Helen Comes
7. Dinner For Shmucks
8.Paramore and 3Oh!3

JordanO said...

1. Jordan Ordonez
2. 2 joshua and vanessa
3. 4 dogs and 10 birds
4. Football
5. Pizza
6. Holes
7. Transformers 1,2
8. Nikki Minaj

luv2write said...

I have written a short childrens story that I too wish to share with the world.


Anonymous said...

1.cameron jefferson big brother and one little sister
3.i have a hamster and one dog
4.i like to play sports and play with my dog
5.i like taccos
6.captin under pants
7.the lottery ticket
8.irion madien

this is cameron jefferson

Anonymous said...

1. Megan Kasumyan
2. One little brother
3. One medium sized dog
4. Swimming,playing basketball
5. Chicken sandwich
6. Twilight saga
7. Step Up,twilight saga
8. Drake,Beyonce,Rihanna,Big Time Rush
This is Megan Kasumyan from period 4.

Antonio Reed said...

1. Antonio Dallion Reed
2. 1 half brother, 1 full blooded brother, 1 half sister.
3. 1 cat, 1 dog.
4. I play bass, and play sports with friends.
5. My favirote food is pizza and Pepsi.
6. My favirote book is Rainbow 6 by Tom Clancy.
7. Scott Pilgrim vs. The world.
8. Slipknot and Avenged sevenfold.

MCWilliams597 said...

1. Myles Christopher Williams
2. 2 sisters and 3 brothers
3. no pets
4. playing video games, slot car racing, and reading
5. A Burger
6. Pokemon Top Ten Handbook
7. This Christmas
8. Nana Mizuki,Usher,and Linkin Park

Dmitriy said...

1. Dmitriy Slobodskiy Jr.

2. None.

3. Cat: Maria Dog: Chelsey

4. RC Car racing with my dad, Ballroom Dancing, and playing football with my friends.

5. Combo pizza from Costco.

6. "The Secrets of Droon" by Tony Abbott.

7. "The Sorcerer"

8. Favorite Band: Braking Benjamin

Anonymous said...

NAME: Saro Nashalian

SIBLINGS: 1 younger sister 11 years old and is now in 6th grade at the same school as me.

PETS: Never had a pet before

HOBBIES:Playing soccer is one of my most favorite sports/hobbies

FAVORITE FOOD: I love all kinds of food but because I am Armenian I eat Armenian food most of the time but i like burritos and burgers.

FAVORITE BOOK: I have a lot of favorite books but my three favorites are "HATCHET", "BRIANS WINTER" witch are both by Gary Paulsen. I also love the "HARRY POTTER" books by J.K. Rowling.

FAVORITE MOVIE: I have a lot of favorite movies but my top three are INCEPTION, VALKYRIE, and THE OTHER GUYS.

FAVORITE BAND: System of a down and METALLICA

Anonymous said...

2:one older brother
3:1 cat named griever
4:drawing,music,reading comics
6:diary of a wimpy kid
7:kung pow!
8:seether/shawn morigan

Andy Gutierrez/student from period 6

German Becerra said...

German Becerra
One brother and one sister
One dog
Sports and hanging out with friends
Holes by Louis Sachar
The Other Guys
Slipknot,System of a Down, and Eminem

Jason said...

1. Jason Sarmiento
2. Younger sister
3. catfish, goldfish
4. basketball, video games
5. instant noodles
6. Lord of The Rings J. R. R. Tolkien
7. Grown Ups
8. Guns and Roses

Anonymous said...

julio leal,2 little brothers,no pets,skeching & creating,beans & rice,harry potter,the expendables,juan luis gerra.

Anonymous said...

1. Cynthia Hernandez-Flores
2. one brother , one sister
3. 3 dogs
4. listen to music , chill with my family
5. sushi
6. twilight saga
7. Underworld 1,2, and rise of the lycans
8. Tupac

Mary Krikorian said...

1. Mary Kirkorian
2. Abraham and Nshan Krikorian
3. None
4. I love to sing and swim a lot
5. Tacos and chicken
6. twilight and fudge
7. Time travelers wife
8. I listen to a lot of eminem and my favorite band is evansence

christopher said...

1. My name is Christopher Wong

2. I have 2 brothers. One is older and the other is younger.

3. I have one dog and it's a German Shepard.

4. My hobbies are playing tennis and playing golf.

5. My favorite food is pasta.

6. My favorite book is the Harry Potter series.

7. My favorite movie is 'Killers".

8. one of my favorite bands is "Green Day".

Jessica Murillo said...

1. My name is Jessica Murillo.
2. I have three siblings, one younger brother and two sisters. My younger brother and sister's name are Jonathan and Samantha. My old sister's name is Crystal you had her in your class two years ago.
3. I actually have nine pets. I have four dogs, two cats, a hamster, a fish, and a turtle.
4. At this time I am running cross country but, I have played softball, basketball, soccer, volleyball, and track and field. I am also learning hip hop.
5. I would have to say my favorite kind of foods are Chinese and Mexican food. My favorite Chinese meal is the Chowmien. My favorite Mexican meal is called Sopes.
6. My favorite book is Twilight. I think Twilight is very interesting, and I also like that it makes you want to read more to figure out what happens next.
7. My favorite movie is "The Pursuit of Happiness". Some people say it is to sad to watch but it makes me to think that I have to try very hard in school. If I don't try hard and have kids we would have to live in the streets.
8. My favorite rapper is Emeinem. I like the way he rappes about his personal life and how he sings.

Anonymous said...

1. Jennifer Castellon 2. 1 3. none 4. having fun 5. ? 6. Among the Hidden 7. piranha 8. ?-usher-eminem by:jennifer castellon

Anonymous said...

1. Melissa Gonzalez
2. one older sister and one younger sister
3. one dog
4. play sprots ( volleyball)
5. peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
6. The Lovely Bones
7. The Notebook
8. Nicki Minaj

Anonymous said...

1:Nicholas Maldonado
2:1 brother-19 years old
3:i dog named stud( miniature black Labrador)
4plaing saxophone, piano and playing Madden NFL2010
5: Chinese food (love orange chicken!!!!!!)
6:A Wrinkle In Time by: Madeleine L'Engle
7:TAKERS ( love action movies!!!!)
8:Artist's= Drake, Eminem, Nicki Manaj...Band= Rise Against


Hiram said...

1. Hiram Arteaga
2. 1 sister age17
3. none
4. Computers,video games,reading
5. Shrimp Cocktail
6. The Da Vinci Code,Angels and Demons,Digital Fortress,Deception Point,Digtal Fortress (all by Dan Brown)
7. Fav Rapper:EMINEM!!! Fav Band:DISTURBED!!!

alvinlurye said...

1. Alvin Lurye
2. One older brother
3. one dog
4. play sports whatch sports (all)
5. SubWay
6. The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle
7. Step Brothers
8. Tupac


NAME- Alexander Escobar

Siblings-little brother and sister

Pets- A Chihuahua

Hobbies- I like to play football and basketball

Favorite Food-bread with chicken

Favorite Book- Out of the Dust

Favorite Movie- Death At A Funeral

Favorite Rapper- My favorite rapper is Eminem

Anonymous said...

1. Bustamante,Guadalupe
2. 2 brothers
3. labrador puppy
4. playing videos games and play basketball
5. subway food
6. diary of a wimpy kid
7. fast and furious
8. lil wayne, nicki minaj, bird-man, soujia boy

My name is: Guadalupe Bustamante in period 6

Darise said...

1.Darise Adela Rodriguez
2.One older brother
4.I like to read,swim, paint headbands,and shop
5.Pupusas (It's a Salvadorian dish)
6.The Truth About Forever, By:Sarah Dessen
7.Alice In Wonderland, Directed By:Tim Burton

landlover24 said...

1.Danielle Bugayong
2.Four sisters no brothers turtle fluffy
4.drawing manga
5.tuna casserole
6.brave story by Miyuki Miyabe
8.three days grace

Anonymous said...

1. Alis Torosyan
2. 1 older brother and 1 younger brother
3. 2 dogs
4. Volleyball, Swimming, Gymnastics, and a little bit of Basketball
5. Lasagna
6. Because of Winn-Dixie
7. The Game Plan
8. Justin Bieber !!!

My names Alis Torosyan from your period 6 .

Anonymous said...

Dan Nguyen
2 younger brothers
No pets
Reading, Going on the web.
Chocolate/Vanilla Ice-cream
The Dark Knight
The Jonas Brothers

(This is Dan Nguyen from your per. 5 class)

sean said...

1.Name: Sean Cruz Williams
2. Siblings: 2 sisters
3. Pets: 2 dog, 1 cat, and 2 birds
4. Hobbies: playing sports and video games.
5. Favorite Food: macaroni and cheese
6. Favorite Book: The Phantom Tollbooth
7. Favorite Movie: Stepbrothers
8. Favorite Band/Singer/Rapper: Sleeping with Sirens, Jamie’s Elsewhere, and Asking Alexandria. (THIS IS REAL METAL)

lovinglylovinglove said...

1. Alexis Zunigo
2. I have two sisters and one brother.
3. I have one dog named Sasha.
4. My hobbies are whatching movies,swimming, listening to music, and playing the piano.
5. My favorite food are tamales de purco.
6. My favorite book is The Testament from John Grisham.
7. my favorite movie is the UP.
8. my favorite rapper is eminem and my favorite rock band is Papa Roach.

franchies26 said...

2.Mom-Maria,Dad-Jorge,and sister Francisca
15 Fishes
4.Hobbies: Scoccer,and Softball
5.My Favorite Foood is Enchiladas
6.My Favorite Book is "The Secert Garden"
7.My Favorite Movie is "The Back Up Plan"
8.My Favorite Band is

rocael said...

1. Rocael Cardona
2. 2 Half brothers and 1 half sister
3. 5 dogs
4. Playing drums and playing football
5. Pasta
6. I dont enjoy books
7. The Hangover
8. Slipknot

Anonymous said...

1)Melissa Castro
2)Dont have any
3)Softball player
4)Tacos the bomb !
5)Into The Wild
6)The Notebook
7) Never Shout Never

Hey this is Melissa Castro I'm in your 6TH period english class.

Anonymous said...

1. Maia Marion Inniss
2. One younger brother, and one younger sister
3. I have one dog (year and a half), and recently won two gold fish
4. I play soccer on a regular basis (and enjoy it), I like to listen to music, and play with my dog.
5. I love shrimp, and tacos (preferably shrimp), I like soup (top ramen, tomato, and chicken noodle)
6. I'll read any book, even the little kid ones because i love Dr. Seuse.
7. I love the comedies, specifically The Hangover, and Pineapple Express.
8. I love the rapper Eminem, he's amazing and my idol, and Mayday Parade, My Chemical Romance, Panic at the Disco, 30 Seconds to Mars, and The Dirty Heads in particular but there are other bands i like.

Taylor said...

1Taylor Allen
2i have one brother
3i have 2 dogs
4i have no hobbies
5i love pasta!
6the outsiders
7i like horror movies
8and i like all music, rap rock classic rock country. i like it all

Taylor said...

1Taylor Allen
2i have one brother
3i have 2 dogs
4i have no hobbies
5i love pasta!
6the outsiders
7i like horror movies
8and i like all music, rap rock classic rock country. i like it all

Leslie Real said...

1. Leslie Real
2. 2 Brothers
3. A Turtle
4. Ice Skating
5. French Fries
6. Wacky Wendsday
7. Gran Torino
8. System Of A Down And Eminem

kenny said...

Hello Mr. Moon my name is Kenneth Carew but I prefer kenny during class. I have a older brother named Ryen Carew and yes with a E instaed of an A. you can look him up in google if you like. I have one dog he's about six years of age and his name is Boston. My favorite hobbies are to play football and also run track just like my brother if you look him up. my favorite food still and will always be pizza mostly because that was all i had when i was little. My favorite book is stowaway, its about a boy who wants nothing more than his father's happiness so he goes away on a ship where a bunch of things happen and go wrong. I'm pretty sure that's not a good description im trying to go based off of memory. My favorite movie is Back To The Future II because I'm a oldies person and that was the most futuristic movie of the 80's in my opinion. I am into rap music but mostly R&B and my favorite singer would have to be usher raymond or just Usher.

Shawn said...

1. Shawn Begelfer per.5
2. One big sister
3.Two dogs,three fish, two turtules
4. Baseball, piano and guitar
5. Crab legs
6. Ender's game
7. Transformers
8. System of a down

Anonymous said...

Chase Falk
One older sister name Cambria
I have a pet turtle name Franklin
I like ribs, pasta, steak, mexican food
The books i like are Diary of a Wimpy Kid
For movies Transformers 1 and 2
My favorite bands are Linkin Park and Metallica, favorite rapper is Eminem, Lil Wayne, Drake.

Anonymous said...

1.Javier valerio
2.older and younger brother
3.1 dog 20 fish
4.playing sports like soccer
6.I spy
7.Night at the museam
8. offsprings
My name is javier valerio from per.5

anthony said...

1.Anthony yordi. Matthew,sister Tanya.
4.Golden Hunan restaraunt.
5.The Boy in the Stripped Pijama's.
6.Rambo First Blood.
7.System of a Down.

Anonymous said...

1. Richard Gonzalez
2. One Older Brother
3. Three Dogs and Four Cats
4. Movies, Music, Dancing
5. Ice Cream
6. New Moon
7. Coraline

this is from Richard Gonzalez, 5th period class

Anonymous said...

1.Andres Pulido
2 1 brother
3.I like watching sports, i play football, and play drums.
4.chicken alfredo
5.Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
6.Step Brothers

suzy srapyan said...

1. Suzy Srapyan
2. two older brothers
3. None
4. Swimming,Shopping, playing baseball,basketball,going to the beach,on the computer, watching TV.
5. Pizza
6. Twilight
7. The Twilight Saga
8.Lady Gaga

Brianna said...

1. Brianna
2. Three brothers and one sister.
3. One dog, one guiniea pig, two hamsters, four chickens and seventeen fish.
4. I love to take pictures
6. The Witches
7. My Girl
8.Aretha Franklin

Anonymous said...

1. My name is Irene Rivera
2. I have one older brother & one younger sister
3. I have two dogs
4. My hobby is to play the sport softball
5. Italian food
6. The Boy Called It
7. The animation movie UP
8. My favorite singer is Drake

Irene R. Period 5

Anonymous said...

1. Julia E. Wilinski
2. 2 older sister, 1 younger brother
3. 3 dogs
4. softball,listening to music,computer,dancing,hanging with friends
5. homemade enchiladas, homemade ribs
6.Twilight Saga
7. Sweeny Todd
8. Every Avenue,Panic at the Disco, MCR,Paramore

Anonymous said...

1. Darien Marrujo
2. Brother, sister, both younger
3. 3 dogs, some fishes
4. Drawing, DJ-ing
5. I like most foods
6. Diary of a Wimpy Kid
7. The Other Guys
8. deadmau5/Taylor Swift/Lil Wayne

This is Darien from 5th period

EMILY said...

1. Emily Macias
2. 1 older brother(Chris), and 1 younger sister(Denisse)
3. none
4. play and watch sports, listen to music, dance and watch movies
5. pupusas(salvadorian type of food)
6. Someone Like Summer
7. The Dark Night
8. Bruno Mars

Anonymous said...

My name is Jason lee, i have two sisters one little one big. I got a hamster? I like to play foot ball, hopefully get in to Cleveland high schools JV football team. I like to eat popcorn alot and ice cream. Books? I like the movie "Zombie land".I love to listen to the rapper KiD CuDi.

Anonymous said...

1.Sergio Ramirez
2.2 younger brothers 1 older sister
3. one pet dog maltise "Lucky"
4.Anime fan and Gamer
5.Sunflower seeds
6.Black hawk down
7.Starwars trilogies
8. Green day

Anonymous said...

1.Alexia Bobadilla
2.Little brother named Manuel and little sister named Jennifer
3.A dog named charlie and a bird named jake
4.Writting and drawing
5.Pizza and pasta
6.Twilight series
7.Nightmare before christmas
8.Paramore is my favorite band
My name is alexia bobadilla in your 5th period

Robert Wood said...

1.Robert Wood
2.2 Brothers
3.1 Dog
4.Play Baseball
6.Charllet's Web
7.The Hangover

suzy srapyan said...

1. Suzy Srapyan
2. two older brothers
3. None
4. swimming, shopping, playing baseball,basketball,watching tv, going on the computer, going to the beach
5. Pizza
6. Twilight
7. Twilight Saga
8. Lady Gaga

Anonymous said...

1.Arthur Chernis
2.Big Brother Named Ross
3.Saint Bernard,2 Persian Cats
4.Play Piano,Work Out,Write Rap
6.Captain Underpants
7.Bad Boys 2,Texas Chainsaw Massacre
8.Eminem,50 Cent,G Unit,Seryoga

Anonymous said...

1.Adel Kamel sister(older) n out
5.harry potter series
7.Eminem Green Day

Anonymous said...

Name-Daniela Gonzalez
Siblings-1 sister(Valeria),2 brothers(Nathan and Jonathan)
Pets-dont have any
Hobbies-playing with younger siblings
Favorite food-chicken alfrado
Favorite book-dont have any!!!
Favorite movie- TOY STORE 1,2 AND 3
Favorite singer-Annet moreno

Daniela Gonzalez from your 6th period class:D

Joshua said...

1. Josh Gomez
2. 1 big sister
3. None. All my fishies died
4. Tennis, watching basketball
5. Fettucini alfredo
6. The Blind Side
7. The Dark Knight
8. Guns N' Roses, Eminem

Kaitlyn Martin said...

1. My name is kaitlyn martin .
2.I have 4 siblings , (oldest to youngest) Chealsea 21 she lives in Tennessea. Kayla 17 she lives in Michagen. Brielle 9 she lives with me along with my brother whom is 5 and a pain.
3.My 2 pets both consist of dogs , their names are Amber who is a chihuahua and Lady who is a german shepard .
4.I really like to sociate with my friends and i like to play volleyball alot of the time in p.e.

5.The food that i like the most is
probably mexican food and asian food . It tastes the best !
6.I really don't have any fave book i really like all kinds especailly the ones where they have a good twist at the end of it ! Like a gooooood mysteryt that might have something to do with like a CSI type thing .
7.My favorite movie is HellCats . Which is a program like a series .
8. The singers i really like are Sleepy Malo , Ludacris , Nicki Minaj , basically everything on power 106 . My fave song tho is called POP MODELS BY LIL WAYNE & BIRDMAN .

Anonymous said...

1.colleen williams
6.the cat in the hat
7.the spongebob movie
8.beyonce,justin bieber

colleen williams,period 6

Anonymous said...

1. Daniel Avalos
2. Christian 19yrs and Andres 10yrs
3. 0 pets I had one a chihuahua named JJ.
4. Video games especially if it has to do with war like Halo.
5. Italian and Salvadorean food
6. Game informers
7. Ace Ventura Pet Detective
8. Eminem and Daft Punk

JordanO said...

1. Jordan Ordonez
2. older brother and sister joshua and vannessa.
3.4 chihuahuas
7.transformers 2
8.niki manaj

jackiee_lozza said...

Jacqueline Loza Munoz .
I have one brother which is 17.
For a pets i have a cute little green turtle . i had it for many years.
One of my hobbies are swimming i live in appartments , which there is a pool so i go swimming everyday.
My favorite food is Tortilla Soup , its spicy but good.
To Kill A Mokingbird is my favorite book , you have to really focus to get the point of the book.
One of my favorite movies is The Back Up Plan, with Jennifer Lopez.
My favorite artist is Musiq Soulchild.

rooster101 said...

1. Joseph (joey) Tscherne
2. don't have any
3. cats
4. spaghetti
5. the invisble man
6. King Kong(new one)
7. Linkin' Park

Alex Torres said...

-Alex Garcia Torres
-one brother and one sister
-2 dogs they are labradors mix
-sports,wakeboarding, and dirtbike riding
-crunch berries cereal
-the outsiders
-dinner for shmucks

Kevin Woods said...

1. Hi my name is Kevin Woods.
2. I have a older sisture and a younger brouther.
3. I have a pet hampster.
4. I like to play alot os sports,laugh,play around,read,listen to music,and have a great time.
5. My faviorite food is mexican and chineese.
6.I love this book called "HEAT".
7. I love this movie called "changing".
8.I dont have a favriote band are singer because i like it all.

Adam said...

1. Adam Rios
2. 1 young brother
3. 1 bulldog puppy
4. playing sports
5. seafood
6. Mr. Klutz is nuts
7. The Hangover
8. Drake

Anonymous said...

1.Vanessa Hernandez
2.11 yr old brother Richard
3.No pets
4.Texting,hanging out with my friends Vanessa and Amber
5.Mash-potatoes with gravy
6.Harry Potter
7.Karate Kid
8.Lady Gaga

Anonymous said...

1. Sinai Santos Hernandez
2. two brother
3. 2 dogs (Princesses and Oreo)
4. softball
5. Enchiladas and Arroz con Leche
6. My Sisters Keeper
7. Avatar
8. Usher

Cristian Sanz said...

1. Cristian Sanz
2. One little brother
3. Two cats
4. Playing video games, browsing the web, listening to music
5. Spaghetti
6. Al-Capone Does my Shirts
7. The Dark Knight
8. The Beatles/John Lennon

Anonymous said...

name:Steven Alexsander Bagarotti

Siblings: One brother named Ryan

Pets: well i had a hamster, no wait 2 but there died..and one turtle..he died too..aha

Hobbies: my favorite sport off all time is soccer! forever. and i also love to draww

Favorite Food:i like alot of meat staje chicken love them all haha. and ricee now theres a good dish.

Favorite Book: The scary Stories series.

Favorite Movie: Transformers 1 and 2, Freedom writers, Rocky series, and king kong

Favorite Band/Singer/Rapper: Tupac, metalica,and linkin park

Anonymous said...

•My name is joseph duran.
•I have a little half sister named serina and little half brother named justin.
•Growing up the only pets i had were fish,frogs,and three turtles.
•My hobbies include sports such as basketball and football, and alsomusic i am in the school advanced band ,I play the trumpet.
•My favorite book is "Old Yaller"
•My favorite movie is "Toy Story 3" (I saw it this summer)
•Finally my favorite band is distured my favorite song is "Ten Thousand Fist".

This is joseph duran in your period 5.

Anonymous said...

1.anthony isidro lopez
2.1 brother
3.a fish games and computer
6.twilight and goosebumps
7.boyz in the hood
anthony lopez

Anonymous said...

1 Sebastian Mejia
2 one brother
3 two dogs
4 guns and computers
5 pizza
6 the Pendragon Series
7 Alien vs. Predator
8 Disturbed (band)

mr.j said...

julio leal,2 little brothers,no pets,skeching,beans,harry potter,jurrasic park 3,enriqe eglesia.

Anonymous said...

My name is Cassandra Gutierrez. I have one younger brother named Gilbert of the age of 9. I have 6 dogs. I have been having Bruno for 15 years now. :) My hobbies are sports. Im not in a team, but I love being athletic. My favorite kind of food is my moms homemade tamales. The book i enjoyed reading the most is Charlottes Web. I dont really watch movies, because i end up falling asleep, but my favorite one is Land of The Lost. My favorite singer is Lil Rob.

Im Cassandra G. from your period 6 class (:

cheese_93009 said...

1.) Vivian Aguirre
2.) Frida Young sister .
3.) 2 Dogs - Princess & Candy .
1 turtle - Not Yet Named !
4.) Photography , Computer , Hang out with friends , Texting , & Basketball .
5.)Lasanga, & Tacos .
6.) cathy's Key .
7.) Nick & Norah's infinte playlist . & Dont be a menace in south central .
8.) Tupac , Uffie , Wiz Khalifa ,Daft punk , DeadMau5.

Anonymous said...

Jasmine Juarez
1 bother(bryan) 1 sister(michelle)
2 dogs
i play softball
carne asatda
bruno mars

kiana villegas said...

1.) Kiana Villegas
2.) 2 brothers
- Carlos villegas
- Ruben Vilegas
3.) 1 Dog, Leo .
4.) Texting & Playing sports .
5.) Lasgna & mexican food.
6.) Harry Potter .
7.) 500 days of summer
8.) deadmau5

andres said...

1. Andres Martin Del CAmpo
2.6 brothers 1 dad and mom
3.3 napolitan mastiffs, 1 duck
4. soccer and playing video games
5. shrimp with ketchup
6.cliffors the big red dog
7.lottery ticket
8.lil wanye

XxJuanLopezxX said...

1. Jose Sanchez.
2. Older brother and younger sister.
3. Three dogs.
4. I am a boxer and i BMX.
5. Pizza.
6. Holes.
7. The Hurt Locker.
8. T.I Wu-Tang-Clan.

johnny13washington1 said...

Blog#1 Introduction
My name is johnny-Angel Washington.
I have two brothers one is 9 years old and one is 9 months. I have no pets. My hobbies is to go to school and go to church. My favorite food is spagetti and tacos. My favorite book is "Lightning Theif". My favorite movie is "Lightning Theif". My favorite band is Black eyed peas.

Anonymous said...

Arriana Contreras
8 year old younger brother 4 year old younger sister
Chihuahua/poodle and a hamster
Soccer and Swimming
"The Cat Who Went To Heaven"
Forrest Gump

Suzy said...

1. Suzy
2. 2 older brothers
3. none
4. swimming and shopping
5. pizza
6. twilight books
7. twilight saga
8. lady gaga

brittney nuno said...

brittney nuno per 5
1.brittney nuno
2.josh alexxa chris
3.none swimming soccer
5.mexican tortas
6.harry potter series
8.brittney spears

Anonymous said...

1. Jasmin baez
2. I have 2 sisters and girl twins comeing in october
5. Tacos
7. The note book
8. Enimen

period 4

Cass said...

1 bro'.
1 dog, 1 guinea pig.
Music, photography, watching movies, friends, guitar.
Italian food.
Jane Eyre, Candide, Antigone, On ne badine pas avec l'amour.
Brokeback Moutain, The Runaways.
Lot of people!^^

Anonymous said...

1.Gabriel elias
2.2 sisters ages 15 and 19
3.i dont have any
4.playing football
8.Lil Wayne

dah-hon said...

1)Augustin Kim
2)1 sister age 10
3)miniature schnauzer
4)reading and play music
5)persian shish-kabobs and shin ramen
6)book of the human body
7)resident evil afterlife 3D
8)King of Pop: michael jackson

TheNamesBerrrrr said...

My dad says 'Hit The Road', 'On The Bright Side', And 'Under The Weather.
My brother says 'Lets Kick It'.

Anonymous said...

1. Ana Chavez
2. I have one little sister. Her name is Anahi Chavez and she is five years old.
3. I have a dog named Lulu. She is 1 year old.
4.My hobbies are sports,reading,talking to my friends, watching t.v,sleeping,playing with my dog, and playing with my sister.
5. My favorite food is tamales and spaghetti.
6. My favorite book is Diary of a Wimpy Kid (the whole series).Also I like the Twilight books.
7. My favorite movie is Transformers.
8. My favorite singer/rapper is Drake and Eminem.

Anonymous said...

1. Lilit Balian
2. older sister
3. none
4. Singing, dancing, basketball
5. watermelon
6. the twilight saga
7. the twilight saga
8. Eminem, Drake, Beyonce, Rihanna

This is Lilit Balian from your period 5 class

Anonymous said...

1.Hazel Giron
2.One little brother
3.No Pets
4.Listening to music
6.Lovely Bones

Anonymous said...

2.(3 Sisters and 1 brother)
3.(4 Dogs)
4.PLaying Soccer and hanging out with friends