Friday, September 24, 2010

Subordinate Clause

Write 5 sentences beginning with a subordinate clause about your family.

example: Since my daughter was born, I have been taking a lot of pictures.


Liseth Reynoso said...

Since my sister has been ice skating I've been recording her.I've also been taking pictures of her.Also been encouriging her to do her best.I've also been happy for her.I also tell her to do her best.

Anonymous said...

Since we moved, i haven't talked to my old friends.
After my little brother could talk, he stopped drinking milk.
Since i went to frost, I been improving in math.
After christmas, we haven'thad and party yet.

By Sergio Ramirez per. 6

Jessica Murillo said...

1. When my brother fell in the pool, my dad jumped in to save him.
2. Since my brother doesn't have any brothers, he cries and asks for one.
3. When my family goes to the mall, we stay there for hours.
4. After we are done with homework, we watch a movie.
5. Although my dad is hardworking, he takes time off work to be with us.

Jessica Murillo

Anonymous said...

Tara DeBlasio
1. When my sister comes home from college, we spend a lot of time together.
2. Even though days can sometimes be a drag and this year pretty depressing, they are always there for me.
3. If my parents ever give me an oppritunity to go somewher without them, I will most likely take it.
4. Athlough my sister loves me, sometimes it doesnt seem like.
5.As always, my dad constantly needs to watch his shows on monday nights.

robert wood said...

my family, is very big
My dad, is tall
My mom, is short
I am, short
We like, to go to parties

Robert Wood

andy said...

1: when my bro comes bk from school,i needed to get off the computer.
2: when my mom cooks food,i can smell it already.
3: i was sad inside,so i knew that the manneger had to tell us to pay 1,500 dollars for the cat.
4: we paid for my cat to stay, so i was happy.
5: i was bored,so i had to find something to do.

Anonymous said...

1.Even if she is dead , she will always be in my heart.
2.Because i ate chips, i have a mean old stomacheache.
3.Whenever my dad comes, that would be the time i go to practice.
4.After all that fighting, we still ended up not being friends.
5.Before my puppy was born, Candy was the princess of the house.

Cassandra Gutierrez Period 6

Edith Patatanyan said...

Since Ive been getting good grades, ive been getting a lot of rewards

Before i start my homework, i wash my hands

After i eat dinner i go on the computer

Since youve been rude to me i wont talk to you

Before i talk to you i need to finish my homework

Anonymous said...

1.Ever since my sister grew up she has gotten more & more annoying.
2.Ever since i started to eat wheat bread, i have gotten more healthy.
3.Ever since i got my computer, i got addicted to it.
4.Ever since my mom went to the hospital, i hate tha hospital.
5.Ever since i got my tooth pulled out by the dentist, i dont like going to the dentist.

-Mariela Rodriguez
Period 6

MCWilliams597 said...

1.Since my mom got laid off I got to spend more time with her
2.Since my dad has a new girlfriend, I get to spend time with her kids.
3.Since Auntie Kathie is my aunt,we spend lots of time together.
4.Since I love Nana Mizuki,I turn on her music load so everyone could here it.
5.Since my uncle likes poker, he has me watch it a lot

Gabriel Genson said...

Gabriel Genson

Since my sister was born, my parents pay more attention to her.

Since i love apples, i always have them for lunch.

Because i play baseball, i rarely have any free time.

Since i play football, its hard to focus on school.

Whenever i get tired, i try to fall asleep

Anonymous said...

1. Ever since I was born, my brother has been a nicer person.
2. When my grandpa died, everyone in my family mourned.
3. When my dad hurt his back, my mother was afraid.
4. When I went to middle school, everything at home changed.
5. Ever since I was 10-years-old, the way things worked at home really changed.
Caballero, Cristobal

Anonymous said...

1. When the phone rings, my parents don't answer it immediately.
2. As soon as my dad comes home, we all start getting happier. '
3. Whenever I ask my dad for a puppy, he says no.
4. Whenever I need help with anything, my parents are always there for me.
5. Whenever I have science homework, my parents always tell me to read and read and read it carefully.
This is Chrisitan Marroquin from your 5th period class.

Christina Kirkorian said...

1. When Mom was cooking dinner,I jumped on the trampoline.
2. When I'm doing homework,my sisters do their homweork too.
3. Because I'm older, I like different TV channels.
4. When Tanya and Alexa fight, I stop them before one of them gets hurt.
5. When I go to my dad's house, I am happy to see my dad.

-Chiristina Kirkorian Per. 1

Anonymous said...

Chase Falk
1. Since I have started playing soccer, I have a lot of sore muscles.
2. Ever since my sister got her learners permit, she has become a better driver.
3. Since I now play on 2 soccer teams, I seem to get more tired.
4. Ever since I started to play video games and text a lot, I notice that my fingers tend to hurt.
5. Since I have good teachers in 8th grade, I don't mind going to school.

Anonymous said...

Slobodskiy, Dmitriy
Period 5 , english

I tried hard to complete the task, though it seemed impossible.

Since summer started, I have been playing a lot of video games.

Whenever the students whine, Mrs. Rose sends them to detention.

Because my dog loves pizza, he never barks at the delivery man.

After the soda spilled, i ran into the kitchen to get paper towels.

suzy srapyan said...

1.When my baby niece cries,I take her for a walk.
2. Whenever i come home from school, i do my homework.
3.Because we take my dog for walks,he barks at the mailman.
4.Because my dog barks at night, barked,my neighbors complained.
5.While I sleep on the couch, I listen to music from the radio.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

My younger brother,is big,eats alot.My family,is great,likes animals.I have two brothers,both fat,eat alot.Im the skinnest,dont eat alot,so im diffrent.I have a dog,her name is cookie,she is small.

my name is javer valerio from per.5

Cecilia Alvarez 5th Period said...

When I watch T.V., my sister hides the remote.

Whenever my dad burps, I laugh.

If my mom goes to the mall, I cry.

When my dog wags his tail, I smile.

Since my sister started school, I've been helping her with homework.

Anonymous said...

Julia Wilinski period 5

1. As my sister tripped, I laughed.

2. When my brother danced, I clapped.

3. Before my dad went to work, he hugged me.

4. Whenever my Grandma makes cookies, I smile.

5. As I wash the dishes,my brother annoys me.

Anonymous said...

1)After I was born, my mom stop working.
2)While I do my homework, my parents like to check on me.
3)If I talk on the phone for too long, my mom will tell me to get off.
4)Whenever I go out with my cousins, my parents will call ever second!
5)As I clean my room, my mom will walk in to tell me what i do wrong.

This is Lilit Balian from your period 5 class.

Anonymous said...

Christopher Medina Period 1-

When my family goes on a trip, it's usually for business.

When it's dinner time, the whole family must be at the table.

When my family goes to the movies, we pick a movie we will all enjoy.

My family is close, we can tell each other almost anything.

My family may be crazy, but we all love each other.

Anonymous said...

When lakers won the championship, I was very sad.
When the first day of school came,I was lost.
When I saw my friend, we started to scream of excitment.
On my birthday, my mom and dad threw me a surprise party.
When my little ness started crying, my parents blamed it on me.

Anonymous said...

When the celtics lost the championship, I was very sad.
On my birthday,my mom and dad threw me a surprise party.
On the first day of school, I was lost.
When my friend and i meet in school, we were screaming of excitment.
When my little ness started to cry, my parents tought it was my foult.
Sinai Santos

juanito1 said...

from the time my brothers were born,i took a lots of pictures of them.
since i was born,they knew i would be trobule.
from my brothers,i got the lekture of troble.
the time i plaed soccer,i learned nothing.
by the time ivan turned 2, he was turning fun.

christopher said...

1. When my parents bother me, I get really angry.

2. Before me and my brother go to tennis practice, my mom makes us a snack.

3. Whenever I get bored, my dad ask's me if I want to go somewhere.

4. Whenever my two brothers make a mess while eating, my mom starts yelling.

5. When it's a saturday, my parents and brothers just want to stay home relax.

Anonymous said...

Since my brother left to the military, I've missed him a lot.

Because my dad likes building things, he works outside a lot.

Because my cousin is annoying,I tell him to shut up a lot.

Because my grandma is a nervous wreck, she is overly cautious.

Because my grandfather smoked, he is dead.
Sebastian Mejia, Per. 5

Anonymous said...

(This is from Dan Nguyen from your per. 5 class)

1. After my little brother Andrew let ou a silent fart , the room started smelling funny, then like rotten fish.

2.When Andrew farted, my other little brother Frank gagged and ran outside.

3.Since Frank broke the the TV, we can't watch it for a while.

4.After Andrew broke the window with a rock, my dad yelled at ME for not watching him.

5.When I went somewhere else, Andrew got ahold of my glass of water, dumped it, filled it with toilet water, and put it back where it was before I came back.

:o :(

Joses Galdamez said...

1. When my sister was born, we moved to sylmar.
2.After i went to middle school, my parents thought i should make my own desicions.
3.Even though we fight, i love my sister very much.
4.As soon as my dog grew up, we bought a new puppy.
5.Whenever we have time, my family gets together and talk about our day .

Anonymous said...

1. When I get A's on my tests, my parents reward me.
2. Since I got my own camera, I can take it wherever i go.
3. When mmy dad falls asleep on the couch, we turn the TV voulme higher to wake him up.
4. When I go to dance class, I sit down to catch my breath.
5. When my dog sees another dog, she will start to chase them.
- this is Megan Kasumyan from your period 5 class.

Joshua said...

Since I am watching Jersey Shore, I do not wan't to be bothered by anyone.

Even though I am busy today, I will still try to make it to movie night at your place.

Since we are going to Hawaii, i found it necessary to make a list of the beaches we should go to.

Although i don't have season passes, i will still try to go to Six Flags with you during the summer

Even though Mr. Moon is really funny during class, he doesn't fail at teaching us how to write.

Anonymous said...

1.Since my sisters 5, she has to go to kindergarden.
2.I like to take pictures, i have about three albums full!
3.Me and my parents like football, were going to a forty niner game!
4.My cousins have a pool, we like swimming.
5.My dad likes baseball, we wat5ch it like everyday.

this is alexia bobadilla in ur 5th period

Jesus said...

Since both my parents work, I don't see them very often. Since my older sister now lives with her husband, I only see her on weekends. My family is about to get bigger, due to the fact that my older sister is expecting. Although I don't see most of my family until I get home around 4:45, I spend the rest of the evening having quality time with them. Although my many sisters (no brothers, unfortunately) annoy me at times, they can be a great, loving family.

Jesus Hernandez. Your 5th period.

Anonymous said...

Since i a have a big family, i take care of all of them. Even though they are all crazy in there own way i love each and everyone of them. Whenever i a have a problem i know that i can always go to my family for help. As soon as one of us see something wrong we all talk tot each other to talk about it. While there might be some up and downs we all LOVE EACH OTHER

Daniela Gonzalez from ur 4 period class:)

Brianna said...

1. The girl, with the blue eyes, cought a butterfly with here hands.

2. The red rose, smelled like perfume, in the garden.

3. The hose, who was raised at the ranch, had a pony.

4. The boy walked to school, in the rain, by himself.

5. The couch, with leather print is in the living room.

Guadalupe Arias said...

1.While Dad slept on the sofa in front of the television,Lily, the family dog, gnawed on the leg of the coffee table.

Mary Krikorian said...

After my aunt died, my whole family was sad, thats why they were crying.

Before I broke my leg that night, my relatives came over.

As we all shared stories, my whole family went inside.

Since my little brother was born, it feels like most the attention goes to him.

Even though my cousins and I were all not tired, we just had to sleep for six flags the next day.

-Mary Krikorian

EMILY said...

1. As soon as my mom picks my sister and I from school, we do homework.
2. Since my mom is a teacher, I help her staple her classwork.
3. Even though I have soccer games sunday and saturday, my family manages and we have some family times later.
4. After i finished my homework, I have to get ready for soccer practice.
5. Before my dad goes to work, he makes us some breakfast.

Anonymous said...

1.since my dad hates his job,he takes alot of pictures.
2.simce my mom works alot,she sleeps alot when she gets home
3.since we have school for 5 days,when it hits the week end,i play games all day mom always cleans the house,when it gets dirty she gets furios
5.since we got a new dog,they will not stop barking

-bryan gotelip per 6

Nicole Hernandez said...

1.While we where in hawaiia, I got along better with my sister.
2.When we bake together, we get to bond with each other.
3.Even though I fight a lot with my sister,I still love her.
4.Whenever my mom is working,my sister and dad make dinner.
5.If my sister acts like a punk,my mom gets mad.
Nicole Hernadez period:4

Anonymous said...

jasmin baez
when the phone ranged,i ran. while i was eating i burped,i laughed.

Anonymous said...

kee-aira p.5
Eventhough my brother likes to party, he still has to get up in the morening.
Befor my mom gos somewere,she has to fart.
While my grondmo coufs, she farts.
As soon as im reddy to leav, my mom alwase tells me to clean the kichen.
Even when my shorts r past my nucls, my step dad tells me to pull them down.

Brennen said...

1. Their are about 48 more weeks of school left.
2. After the test was over we went to nutrition.
3. Since I was 13 I was not allowed to play in a 16 year old basketball team.
4. Unless your a straight ''A'' student you should study.
5. Even though today was a bad day i got what I wanted.

Darise said...


Ex.1- When the bird sang, the baby jumped.
Ex.2- After I finish homework, I went for a walk.
Ex.3- As soon as I finished the first book, I started to read the sequel.
Ex.4- Since I go to school during the day, I can't babysit Julie.
Ex.5- If I go to the mall, I need to ask my parents for money.

kevin woods said...

When my mom yelled, my brouther jumped. After he jumped, i laughed. After i laughed, everybody laughed. After the phone rang, we stopped laughing. Then the baby pooped, it smelled.

Dominic Smith from your period 5 said...

Since I am the oldest, I have more responsibility.
When school started, I made a pledge to myself that I will make my parents proud.
Since I am the oldest, that means I have more freedom than my sisters do.
Mr. Moon, makes English fun to learn.
When being the oldest, that means you have more chores.

Alis Torosyan said...

I decided to make hamburgers for dinner, which everyone in my family enjoys. My parents live in California, but their family lives in New York. My family enjoys some movies more than I do. My dad and mom both had difficulties with English grammar when they were a child. My family cares about my safety, they always tell me as soon as you arrive, give me a call.

Alis Torosyan from your period 6!!!

Alex Torres said...

since ive been playing basketball, ive been getting better. when i played football, i was a quarterback. since my niece was born, ive been the coolest uncle. since my niece was born, ive took alot of pictures. since my niece was born, shes been the most concieded little girl ever.

jackiee_lozza said...

Jacqueline Loza

Ever since my grandma came for visit, we have been going out to many places.

Since my mom is not here, lets call someone else.

I cant wait to get my camera, so i can take pictures.

Going to Six Flags suring suummer, was reallly fun.

My family and i, knows how to have a great time.

German Becerra said...

Since my brother was born, i am not bored.
Since i'm the oldest, i'm always left out.
Since my family got bigger, we moved.
Since my sister was born, she annoys me.
Since my brother and sister fight, i have to brake them up.

Shawn said...

shawn per.5
1. because of my sisters birthday, she got a lot of presents.
2. because of my dad, i started playing baseball.
3. because of my mom, I started playing piano.
4. Snce I have a pool me and my family went swiming.
5. because my family is here, i am very happy.

Anonymous said...

-Ever since my family split up, times have been hard
-Since my brother was born, i dont get all the attention.
-Now that im all grown up, my mom trusts me with her friends.
-Nowadays since my parents don't fight, we can be together as a family more offen.
-Now that my brother got older, my sister loves to play with her.

-Kaitlyn Martin period 4.

Anonymous said...

1. since my brother was gone, the house felt lonely.
2. whenever my brother comes home from school, he does his homework and would play alot of ps3.
3. when i come from school, i eat and then i play then i take a shower then go to sleep.
4. if i get a bad grade, my mom will get mad at me and will ground for a month.
5. when the car turned on, i got jumpy.

Joey duran said...

Although my father is bigger then me, i can take him down.

Since i live with my grandmother, my dad relates to my frustrations i have with her.

Even though I have a half brother and half sister,I consider myself an only child since i hardly see them.

Since im the only child in my house, i get the most attention around here.

Although its contrairy to the assignment, I think the blogs are really fun c(:

This is joseph duran your fifth period

JordanO said...

Ordonez, Jordan
Per.1 English

1. The alarm clock, in the kitchen, rang at 12:00 midnight.
2. A bird, an African Grey, copied everything that I siad.
3. A tucan, who liked fruit loops, ate all my breakfast.
4. The sandwich, that as in the kitchen, had many vegetables.
5. The airplane, that was colored red, flew very high.

nicoleiscool11 said...

Nicole Whitmore.

Since my mom has been working , i have stayed at home.

When i go to school , i learn alot

When i go Horseback riding , I ride Silver.

When its summer , its really hot.

Since we didn't win 1st place at the last horse show , we will win this one.

Anonymous said...

Hiram Arteaga

My sister screamed,when the lights went out.

She was looking at the picture,My mom,and threw it away.

My cousin,Sam,threw the old towels away.

My Uncle,Frank, visited us last year.

We visited my aunt,Alexandra,6 months ago.

Anonymous said...

1)After I watered the plants, it rained.
2)Right after the party, I went home.
3)When I bought a new phone, it broke.
4)Since the cat jumped on me, I yelled like a girl.
5)After I climbed the tree, I cut my elbow.

My name is Rafael from your 5th period class.

Nicole Petrosian said...

1. When I fell, I cried.
2. Since i went to school, I got homework.
3. Since my cousin was born, I have been babysitting him a lot.
4. Since I was late to school, I ran.
5. When I did homework, i got to watch t.v.

Anonymous said...

Andres Pulido
1.Since football started, i have gotten better.
2.I brush my teeth more, since i got braces
3.I have gotten faster since football started.
4.I study harder since, school started.
5.I eat less, since i had the stomach flue.

Anonymous said...

1.Since my sister was born, I have been neglected.
2.Since my little cousin comes over almost everyday, I have been having alot of headaches.
3.After my Dad told me that we were going on vacation, I smiled.
4.Ever since my parents told me they were getting a divorce, I havent been my happiest.
5.Since I moved to my Grandma's house, i've missed my old home.

Anonymous said...

1.Miguel,is a 5year old boy,who is very active.
2.Jenny,is a worker at facy, as a nurse.
3.Steven,likes ice cream, if it has nuts.
4.Angie, cried, because she fell.
5.Albert, is a trouble maker,because he does dome things.

alvinlurye said...

Since my family moved,I found alot of my old things. Also because I moved, my brother found his baby pictures. Because I moved, I wake up at 5:45 to get to school. Now that I get up early, my mom is always tiered. Now that my mom is tiered, she forgetts to make my dad breakfest.

Jason said...

Jason Sarmiento
1.Whenever my mom comes home from work, she checks on me if I did my homework.
2.When my sister gets in trouble, she starts crying and screaming.
3.After I finish my homework, my mom makes me do extra work in the house.
4.As soon as my sister gets dropped off to school, I then go to school.
5.Before I go to school, my grandma prepares breakfast for me.

dah-hon said...

My father, who is funny and a clown, is best at making me laugh.
My mother, who is sweet and kind, makes everybody feel better.
My sister, who is obnoxcious and makes me mad, can beat me in her world.
My uncle, who is serous and smiles at me, always takes me to the movies.
My dog Lucky,(yes he's part of the family though grnadfather disagrees) who is hyper and fast, can beat me at plying "fetch".

hernandez.andrew10 said...

Since my mom is not young, she cant do many things.
Since my dad hurt his back, he cant walk well.
After my sister finished high school, we celebrated.
since i am skinny, I can run fast.
Since my baby brother is still small, he does not know hot to walk yet.

mark said...

Mark Salazar

1. Scince my grandparents live at the beach, we go there all the time
2. When the dogs barked, I looked outside.
3. When I was 8, I started surfing.
4. While I was watching the movie, I ate Popcorn
5. While i was at the park, I played basketball

Anonymous said...

1) When I'm good, I'm very, very good, but when I'm bad, I'm better.

2) Since the weather has been real hot, my dog is really lazy.

3) Because the Dodgers are losing the season, my father is watching football now.

4) Now that I'm back in school, I have to go to bed early.

5)It's part of my mothers morning routine, is to drink a cup of coffee.

Castro, Melissa Period 6th

TheNamesBerrrrr said...

-Since my brother is conceited, he has no friends.

-Because my mom has an accent, its hard to understand sometimes.

-Since my parents are goofy, so is my brother and i.

-Since my grandma past,Thanksgiving hasn't been the same.

-Because im one of the lightest in my family, they call me 'Guera".

Anonymous said...

1.since i got an xbox 360, ive been playing alout
2.since i went back to school,ive been doing all my homework
3.ever since i graduated from 5th grade, ivee been in middle school
4.since i have a phone,i call and txt friends
5.jodeph my bro,has a new toy

anthony lopez per.6

Anonymous said...

1. While my sister was sleeping on the couch while the television was on, the family dogs were chewing on her toys.

2. Unless I finish all my homework, my parents would not let me do anything.

3. Once my dad finished eating all the tomatoes, everybody wanted some but there was no more.

4. Once my mom got her camera, she would not want to stop taking pictures of everything.

5. My brother has to take out the trash, if not he will get in trouble.

Irene Rivera Period 5

Anonymous said...

Ever since my sister was born, she has been getting most attention.
Because of my brother, I end up in trouble all the time.
Since I got a new room, I end up cleaning it all the time.
When my parents leave, I stay home alone.
My brother always eats most of my food, so I have to always cook.

This is Darien from 5th Period.

rooster101 said...

1. Since i was 2, i have been playing tennis.
2. On weekends, my dad and i play tennis in the morning.
3. On weekends, i like to sleep in.
4. My mom, who is very nice, is friendly.
5. My dad, who works alot, works for UPS.

jose sanchez said...

1. Since i have fell off my bike, I have been more careful.
2. After i got in trouble, I locked myself in my room.
3. Before i told my mom about my report card, I enjoyed my phone for the last few minutes.
4. When i saw my brother get mad at me, I ran away.
5. While my sister was telling me about her homework, i fell asleep.

tiara said...

after my mom fell,i laughed.
because i laughed, i got in trouble.
before my brother farted, he smiled.
since my mom cooked, we ate.
because my moms husband made her mad,me and brother got in trouble for no reason

landlover24 said...

1.When I was born,my family lived in Reseda.
2.When we moved to North Hills,I was a baby.
3.Because my mom got a promotion,we bought a house in North Hills.
4.Even through we have a pool,we rarely use it.
5.Whenever there is a holiday my grandma comes to visit.
-Danielle Bugayong,p1

Anonymous said...

Since i got a new dog, I've been getting up early.
After my brother got home from practice, i finally got to go home.
Since my mom teaches yoga in the mornings, i am forced to watch my brother and sister.
Since i joined club soccer, i have been super busy.
Ever since school started, I've been busy on the weekdays.
Maia Inniss, Per. 5

Anonymous said...

when is was five, i liked toys.
when i jogged, its sunny.
when it rained, a flash flood.
when i cry.
it snows.
Adel Kamel pr. 1

Anonymous said...

My name is Johnny-Angel Washington.
after my mom farted,se smiled.when my grandma smile's,she laugh's.
when my dad ran,he fell.
my grandpa buys,to sell.
my brother cravs's,to play

vivian aguirre said...

1.In my garden,I plant a lot of sunflowers .
2.For 2012 , I would be scared to death twice .
3.The bus was hot , I yelled at the bus driver to turn on the a/c .
4. Someone told me a joke , I laughed at how dumb it was .
5.I danced , All night with all my friends .

louis huanosta said...

since school started,my family went crazy.
since summer ended, we have waken up to early.
Ever since classes began,we have wathced little homework.
When my step brothe comes,we go to my grandmas house.
since my mom got two jobs, we buy alot of grocieries.

Cristian Sanz said...

1. When we went to the grand canyon, my family was very happy.

2. Since my family came from Cuba, we have had a better life.

3. After my brother was born, I didn't get as much attention.

4. After our old computer broke, my mom was sad.

5. When I got my iPod, I was very happy.

Anonymous said...

Scince i moved to frost it has been funner.Since i got my ps3 i been doing my homework late at night. Everytime i go to the park i always get bored easily. Every time i see my little sister she always starts laughing for no reason. :D - jason

Anonymous said...

•Since I moved to my dads house it has been better.

•Since I got my Ipod life hasnt been that boring during road trips

•Since I moved to 7th grade i gotten taller.

•Since bought new shoes i have been matching everyday.

•Since Gotten contacts life has been better.

Anonymous said...

English, Per.4
1. After ashley farted on the couch, which was blue, it smelled really bad.
2. My sister had butterflies in her stomach, at school, beacause she didnt know an answer.
3. My brother, whos annoying at times, was really fun to be around at the state fair.
4. When my dad burned the toast, Ashley my sister, gasped.
5. My mom, who is cool, made me really embarassed at school by giving me lots of kisses.

brittney nuno said...

brittney nuno
absent work per 5
1.Even though the broccoli was covered in cheddar cheese, Emily refused to eat it.
2.although mom was fighting with dad, she managed to let him use her phone .
3. alexxa was mad at me for not making her bed , then as she went to the restrrom i made the bed.
4. mom left the dinner cooking , so she quickly ran back to turn the fire off and the chicken was burnt.
5. i am amazingly won my game , so my parents would take me out to eat.

Anonymous said...

Since my sister was born, me and her have been constantly arguing about everything. Even though, i have always been correct. Well now to my parents my parents although i always argue with them too, they are always there whenever i need them, if i ever get in trouble or get a bad score on a test they always help me, they are always fair to me and nice. We all do this because we are a great family in my opinion, and will always be a great one.

Saro Nashalian per.4

Taylor said...

since my dad got out of the hospital, weve had to be carefull to not get him sick

since my brother broke his pelvis, he has to be careful in ft ball

since my laptop broke, iv had to share computers

since i got a new tv i could play my video games in hd

since i got a new bed my room looks smaller

kenny said... brother comes home from work and sleeps, then he wakes up and goes out in the evening.
2.ever since i was little, i have called my mom an indian cause of her skin.
3. when i go to school, i ask my parents for money.
4. i threw a tennis ball across the room, it hit my brothers door.
5.when me and my brother go to the park, we work out.

lovinglylovinglove said...

1. Alexis Zunigo
1. Since I go to school I can`t I can`t play with my neice.
2. Rather than sitting on my couch I would go outside and play soccer with my cousins.
3. Before I go to bed I make sure all of my homework is done.
4. While I do my homework I listen to music.
5. Whenever I get candy i get super hyper.

vurias said...

Daniel Avalos
Period 4

1.Andrew starts to scream loud,once the zombies in the movie come out of
the grave.
2.My mom starts to fall asleep even though the movie hasn't started playing.

3.After this two hour math problem is done,I will head to the zoo this afternoon.
4.Since Japanese Animation was introduced to the U.S,my brother Chris has been excited to watch every show that comes out.

5.My dad wants a dog,even though he
doesn't have the place for it.

Nicolette said...

Since my family and I went on vacation, my grandpa was watering our plants.

When my dad was home from work, I gave him a hug.

Since we got a new fish, my brother and I are taking turns feeding it.

When I was done with my homework, I ate dinner with my family.

Since we spent thanksgiving at my cousins house last year, this it will be at our house.

This is a Nicolette from your period 5 class

Anonymous said...

1. My brother is annoying, because he bugs me to much.
2. Ever since he has gotten the xbox360, he hasn't been annoying.
3. Even though my brother is really annoying, I still love him.
4. Me and my family always have a fun time, I love spending time with them.
5. I like music, it is not boring.
Hazel Per.4

Rocael Cardona said...

1.Since I got hurt, I've been sleepy
2.Since it was rainy today, I was cold.
3.Because it was late, I had to go to sleep.
4.Since I drank soda, I was hyper.
5.Since I play football, I get hurt a lot.

TheNamesBerrrrr said...

1.Since my brother is older, he thinks he can boss me around.
2.Because my mom has an accent, its hard to understand her sometimes.
3.Because my mom takes me ice skating, i have gotten really good.
4.Since my mom and i love shopping,we
go to the mall a lot.
5.Since my dad is tall, i am probably gonna be tall.
-Amber Termunde

Anonymous said...

1)I went to the park yesterday,then had some icecream.
2)All I had to do was my homework,and later I ate.
3)Everday there's a challenge;but later on something good will happen.
4)My mom washed the dished, and after that she took a shower.
5)My ipod was unchared so i had to charge it ,and after that i could hear music.

Anonymous said...

1. My little sister cries for everything.
2. My little brother is a funny kid and he enjoy sports like the rest of the family.
3. Sometimes my little sister is in a good mood and she wont cry for anything.
4. My family enjoys sports like basketball and football.
5. My family works really hard to get there pay checks.

by: Alex Escobar